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    • WMS Lightbox Gallery

      The Ezone Light Box Gallery Module allows content to be displayed on top of a webpage.

      The content is presented on a dark transparent background, giving your site a professional feel and finish. One of the benefits of using a Light Box is that the user is not directed to another page to view the Light Box content and when finished they can simply close the Light Box and continue to view the page they were previously viewing.

      Please feel free to interact with our WMS Sample and visit our Client Examples Section to see how Ezone clients are currently using this module to display image galleries on their websites.

  • Client Examples
    • Depending on the style of image gallery required, a high level of customisation is possible with the Light Box Gallery Module.

      Fountain Court Apartments have chosen to display their gallery as thumbnail images within the various gallery areas of their website. Crerar Hotels, on the other hand, have opted to show their images within a light box gallery combined with a slide show effect.

Single Lightbox Image

In this example a large version of the thumbnail image is displayed in a Lightbox. This is an ideal way to display a high resolution image where the space on a page is restricted.

To display the Lightbox click on the image.

LightBox Gallery

This example shows how the Lightbox is used to create a stylish photo gallery. As all the images in the gallery are grouped together, a user can scroll through the gallery using the next and previous buttons. As a key benefit, the user does not have to close a window and click on the next thumbnail to reveal the next image..

To display the gallery click on one of the images below.

Display Lightbox

This example shows how the Lightbox can be used to display an image and text. This would be a stylish and effective method for displaying promotional offers.

Click on the link to display the Lightbox.


The Ezone LightBox Gallery is priced as a Basic Module. Please contact Ezone direct (or your nominated Ezone Partner) for further information on the cost applicable to your requirements.


No specific requirements for implementation.